The ability to get off the beaten track, and experience some of Australia’s most awe inspiring remote locations, has become many a caravan owners dream.

Sometimes, the ability to travel to these locations requires your caravan to perform above and beyond its original manufacturers requirements.  RV Solutions WA is on hand to assist.

A repeat customer was having an issue with the Caravan 12v internal wiring / battery storage set up.  She needed us to ensure that her power requirements would continue to be met, even when far off the beaten track.

Caravan Solar Battery

A diagnostic test was performed on the system, and after much investigation we found that the battery charger was not performing well.  This had resulted in the battery losing charge and becoming damaged.

As a general rule, (and this does change depending on your battery), the voltage on your battery should remain at around 12.6 volts.  If your battery is recording a voltage under this level there could be a problem.  If your caravan battery measures under 10 volts, you can expect that your battery will be damaged and will require replacement.

Unfortunately this was the case for our motorhome owner.  In this instance the battery charge had been allowed to run too low.  Luckily RV Solutions WA were on hand to help locate a new reliable battery charger, and replacement battery.

Caravan Battery

It wasn’t long until the new Battery Charger and battery were fitted, with the Motorhome’s electrical system now functioning at optimal efficiency.

Well done Jason and Scott, another customer ready to hit the open road!

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