Caravans are a wonderful way for a family to travel together.

Sometimes this can mean travelling with very young children, who are perhaps not quite as ready for the functional simplicity that many caravan interiors bring.

Canvas Kiddie Catcher Open

This was the case for our intrepid travelling family, who had a fun-loving little boy who was just learning to crawl.  His crawling not only allowed him to explore his new surrounds, but also introduced some concerns for his doting parents.

Our master crawler slept on a bunk bed in the caravan, and while roomy enough, the generic Caravan bunk bed did not allow much security for a young lad on the move. RV Solutions WA to the rescue!

To save the little trooper from a tumble, while preserving the easy functionality of the sleeping space, we devised a plan to custom make a Canvas Kiddie Catcher.  We are pretty sure this ultimate safe space creator should be patented, with its mesh peek a boo window for plenty of air flow, and zips for easy and safe use.

Loren, the mother of our crawling champion, was thrilled with the result, and the happy family have continued their travelling adventures with total peace of mind, and a funky new toddler space to keep their little one safe.

If you have a little (or big) pickle of a situation that you would like our clever team to help with, then give us a call.  You might be surprised by the solutions we come up with!

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