A travelling couple, passing through our wonderful City, encountered a problem when their Caravan’s sink developed a leak.

Needing the services of a Caravan Repair company as quickly as possible, they were grateful to reach RV Solutions WA.  We were able to help them out within their limited time frame.

Leaking Sink Repair

Upon inspection of the Caravan’s sink, it became apparent that this was not a standard setup, and our team had some problem solving ahead.  The leaking sink had unusual fittings, and required a combination of fittings to work.

Our guys love a good puzzle!

After a couple of hours, the sink was watertight, and the customers were happy.  The RV Solutions WA team hit the road again, heading to their next job, and next challenge.

If you have a water issue and require help, give us a call.  Our clever team will be on site, solving your problem, as quickly as they can.  Getting you back on the road safely, is our first priority!

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