During a long hot summer, a heavy storm moved in over our sunny State, and caught one motorhome owner by surprise.

Storm Caravan Repair

Jo, a lovely lady, living just South of Perth in a gorgeous little motorhome, found that one of her RV windows was no longer water tight, and in fact was now allowing a stream of water into her pride and joy.  Knowing that a Window Leak can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the interior fit out of a caravan or motorhome, Jo immediately leapt into action.

With so many Caravan Repair companies not answering emergency after hour calls, Jo made a frantic call to RV Solutions WA.

A quick explanation of Jo’s water logged problem had the boys saddle up with all the required gear, and head out for a late night emergency repair.  It was dark, windy, stormy and wet, but like the gallant gentlemen they are, this didn’t slow our team down one bit.

Arriving on site at 8:30pm, dodging lightning bolts, battling through a steady downpour, and bravely enduring the water board torture of a relentless drip of water onto their noses, Scott and Jason immediately assessed the situation, and got to work repairing the Caravan window.

With years of experience in the industry, it didn’t take long for our dynamic, drippy duo to have Jo’s motorhome sealed up tight.  With Jo extremely happy and her little Motorhome nice and dry, the now bedraggled and soaked pair headed home for a nice hot shower, and (tough and ruggedly masculine) fluffy towels.

While late night repairs aren’t usually required, RV Solutions WA want you to know that if you need them, no matter the time or circumstance, they will do their absolute best to be there.

Just like Superman.  Or Batman.  Or Scooby Doo.

Scooby Rain

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