Pistol Pete had completed an exceptional conversion on his self-built motorhome.  The work was to an extremely high level, and we applaud the hard work and dedication required to bring his dream to life.

Unfortunately, despite Pistol Pete’s vast abilities, he needed a little help with the air-conditioner installation in his beautiful home on wheels.

Aircon Replacement

Caravan Air Conditioner installations are something that we at RV Solutions WA take very seriously.  An incorrectly installed air conditioning unit can cost the owner both in money, and efficiency.  This is why we highly recommend that you leave the air-conditioner installation to a professional.

This was even more important when tackling the installation of an air conditioning unit in a custom hand-build motor home.  The placement and fitting had to be perfect, and there was no margin for error.

Luckily RV Solutions WA were able to attend Pistol Pete’s Motorhome just a few days after our initial contact, and with care and precision we soon had his new air conditioning system installed.

Motorhome RVs AC Installation

Crisp cold air was soon streaming from the unit, and Pistol Pete was ready to hit the road again, in his gorgeous chilly Motorhome.

If you would like to find out how much a new air conditioner in your caravan or motorhome will cost, then please give RV Solutions WA a call.  You will be pleasantly surprised at our low rates.

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