Like people, as mobile homes get older they start getting a bit creaky in the joints, and need a little help to get limber again.

In this instance, a park home had been left to sit for a little too long.  The Owners were dismayed to find that most of their Park Home Windows would no longer open.

park home window repair

Being an older home, it isn’t easy to find replacements for the ceased parts.  This hasn’t stopped the RV Solutions WA team though!   Jason used his sweet talking ways to gently persuade a few of the resistant park home windows into opening up.  Meanwhile, Scott set to work with his contacts, attempting to locate the replacement components at the best possible price for our park home owners.

It is times like this that our decades of industry experience really help.  Scott has to look in some obscure places to get the components they need!

When the jobs get a bit tricky, our team thrive.  The challenge of finding an outside of the box solution has our hard working guys eager to find the perfect solution.

Park home windows

While it will be a tough job, they are determined to get at least 85% of these old, broken windows back to original working condition.

Well done to the guys, they really have risen to the challenge on this job! But most importantly, the Owners are happy to have working windows again, and it won’t be long until they are as good as new!

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