What to look for when buying a second hand caravan?

So you’re in the market for a new caravan, and epic adventures await!  Do you know what to look for before you buy? Use our handy checklist to get you started.


  • Take photos – it can be easy to forget some of the things you have seen!
  • Use a torch to check out hard to see spots including underneath or in the back of cupboards.
  • What is the caravans age? Is the wear and tear consistent with this?
  • What is the ownership and service history?
  • Where has the caravan been kept? In a garage, under a cover, in the elements?


  • Are there any signs of rust, dents, scratches or discolouration?
  • Axle: Are the axle(s) in good condition? Are there any cracks, rust or deformation?
  • Tyres: Are they in good condition? Do they have enough tread?
  • A-Frame: check the condition of tow hitch, jockey wheel, wiring system, handbrake, and chain.
  • Roof: are there any signs of damage or leaks?
  • Solar panel: correctly fitted and in good condition?
  • Electrics: check battery, charger, lights, security devices, and all appliances.
  • Brakes: check handbrakes and service history for maintenance and adjustment (this is best handled by a professional).
  • Gas: check the gas bottles, external sockets and gas gauge.
  • Water system: are there any leaks? Check the taps, shower, and drains.


  • Any damage, scratches, stains or marks on all furniture, walls, ceilings?
  • Are there any signs of leaks? Make sure to check around windows and over head cupboards.
  • Do doors open/close/lock properly?
  • Are smoke alarm systems fitted and working properly? Is the fire extinguisher fitted and serviced?
  • Is there any smell of dampness?
  • Do all appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, air con, taps, plugs, and water pumps) work properly?

We know that choosing the right caravan can be daunting! In the current economic climate, increased demand for caravans and campers is driving up prices, and even some sub standard caravans are hitting the market in the hope of making a quick buck.


Know what you are investing in. Not all items on a second hand caravan are going to be in perfect condition. However, you can use this information to negotiate a fair price.

For extra piece of mind, chat to our team. We have over 200 years combined experience in selling and repairing nearly every brand of caravan, and are here to answer any questions when you’re buying your next used caravan.

About RV Solutions WA

We are a family owned business that specialises in caravan sales, servicing and repairs. We are currently WA’s largest caravan repairer and the major insurance repairer for our area. Our reputation is based on providing exceptional customer service, and best quality products, which has lead to over 200 five star reviews across Facebook and Google.

Our team know the ins and outs of the industry, and can take the stress out of choosing the right caravan. We want to help you avoid unexpected repair costs, and ensure that the caravan you purchase is safe and is a good investment. We can assist you by conducting a Pre-Purchase Inspection to ensure what you are buying is value for money and safe.

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