About Us

RV Solutions is WA’s largest caravan repair workshop, home to luxury brands Wonderland RV and Patriot Campers and builder of ToastaVan. Our team have over 200 years combined experience in the caravan industry and are experts in all things caravans including off grid upgrades, repairs and rebuilds.

Our History

RV Solutions WA was established in 2018 as a mobile caravan repair business with two employees (Directors Jason and Scott), and in five years has expanded to a full service dealership encompassing caravan and camper sales, spare parts and repairs, and a fully fledged manufacturing division, ToastaVan.

Our repair and manufacturing facility (1188sqm) acquired in 2018 is the most expansive in the WA market, and today houses our repairs, spare parts and builds. In 2020, following sustained growth, we grew our business, adding a 712sqm facility nearby as our dedicated caravan sales showroom. 

We’re proud to showcase our track record for excellence, not only by our reviews on Google and Facebook, but also evidenced by our collection of award wins: 

  • 2023 Climate Change Innovator - Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce (Finalist)
  • 2023 Businessperson of the Year - Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce (Finalist)
  • 2023 Medium Automotive Business of the Year - MTA WA (Finalist)
  • 2023 40 Under 40, Scott Earley - WA Business News (Winner)
  • 2022 Business of the Year - Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce (Winner)
  • 2022 Businessperson of the Year, Scott Earley - Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce (Winner)
  • 2022 Service Excellence in an Industry Trade or Business - Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce (Winner)
  • 2022 SME Business of the Year - Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce (Finalist)
  • 2022 Innovator of the Year, ToastaVan - MTA WA (Finalist)
  • 2021 Recreational Business of the Year - MTA WA (Winner)
  • 2020 SME Business of the Year - Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce (Finalist)
  • 2020 Recreational Business of the Year - MTA WA (Finalist)

Audited and Accredited to global standards

International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)

We identified attaining ISO accreditation status as an opportunity to elevate our reputation even further and benchmark ourselves as a business that is safe, reliable and produces good quality work.We are the first and only RV dealership and repairer in Australia to attain triple certification in line with the standards of large scale multinational companies: - ISO9001 Quality Management System - ISO45001 Health and Safety Management System - ISO14001 Environmental Management System


In July 2021, road vehicle regulation in Australia was completely overhauled with the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) came into effect. The introduction of RVSA will improve the safety and compliance of Low ATM Trailers (under 4.5T), as all trailers will need to hold Federal Government approvals.ToastaVan has satisfied the requirements for RVSA, and all trailers manufactured are listed on the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV).

Australian Made and Owned

In 2023, ToastaVan was independently audited and certified Australian Made and Owned. The logo is Australia's most trusted, recognised and widely used country of origin symbol, and is underpinned by a third-party accreditation system, which ensures products that carry the logo are certified as 'genuinely Australian'.

Meet the Team

Starting in the caravan industry at 14 years old, Scott has worked his way from store junior, workshop technician, service manager, sales person, sales manager and now is one of the Directors of RV Solutions.

His first proper camping trip was with Army Cadets (52RCU) when he was 10. It was a survival camp where they took away all rations except for one small thing per day and gave him a list of local bugs and plants he could eat so he camped next to a termites nest!

When asked about why he started his own caravan repair business, Scott said, “I got sick of working for people who just kept recycling the same archaic ideas and had no real interest in proper customer satisfaction. The world has evolved and people want a premium service for the same price and that’s what we offer.”
Jason’s been part of the caravan industry for over 12 years, having worked his way up the ranks from workshop apprentice, foreman, manager and now Director of RV Solutions. He’s also a trade qualified automotive spray painter.

Jason can always be found on the workshop floor - his role is to work with the foreman, build supervisor and service manager to make sure all the departments are flowing smoothly, but he also helps out where he is needed.

So what’s Jason’s top tip for caravanners? “If you are in the process of getting into a new caravan, always do a shakedown trip first - almost all vans have teething issues, so a shakedown trip will help identify these while you are close to the dealer, and also give you an opportunity to learn how to use the van.”
Proprietor - Sales / HR
Proprietor - Sales / HR
As one of the owners of RV Solutions, Jess looks after accounts, HR and sales.

Her favourite camping memory is on the beach at Ningaloo Station as a kid, catching huge fish and eating them fresh. These days she takes her own kids there.

Her favourite style of camping is off grid, “I love to have space where my kids and dogs can run around and play. We have a bunch of friends we camp with so there's always adventures to be had! My tip for travelling families would be, don’t pack too many toys, I used to over pack and they hardly used anything as we were having too much fun outdoors!”
Proprietor - Admin
Proprietor - Admin
Suki has been a part of the caravan industry for over 10 years, and knows a thing or two about caravans and camping! As one of the RV Solutions owners, Suki looks after all things administration and service.

She enjoys free camping in the Coral Coast, and likes being able to go off grid with lithium and inverter. When asked about their most recent trip, Suki said “air conditioning was a must, and an external shower was super helpful with the kids to wash the sand off before they came in the van.”Her favourite camping destination is “definitely Kalbarri, it's very pretty. As soon as you drive in you see the hills and the water. Very picturesque!”
Liam's a welder fabricator by trade and has 15 years' experience in metal fabrication and wood work, having built custom motorbikes, machinery and now food vans.

So if he could have any food van business, what would he sell? He reckons traditional Italian.
Jordan is new to our sales team and brings over eight years’ experience in sales. She was keen to join our team to sell something bigger and join a fun industry!

Having grown up in Busselton, Jordan is familiar with the south west, so make sure you ask her for all the best spots to see in the region.

So what is the one tip Jordan has for someone getting into caravanning? “Always do a final check before hitting the road: check your indicator and brake lights, coupling, door is locked, all items like jerry cans, awnings and bikes are secured… oh and have fun!”
Service Manager
Service Manager
Our Service Manager Scott has over 40 years experience in service across earthmoving, hydraulics, trucks, caravans and RVs. He’s a big fan of the outdoors and spends his spare time riding his motorbike, fishing and watching sport.
Jason brings over 20 years experience specifically in the caravan and camper industry having worked for some of the biggest repair sheds in WA. When asked for his top tip for caravan owners, he said: “regularly servicing your van can save you hundreds or even thousands in expensive repairs or a wheel lost across the Nullabor.”
With six years’ experience as a Service Manager, Jolene handles any warranty enquiries for our Wonderland RV and Patriot Campers customers. As a fan of the great outdoors, Jolene would pick anywhere near a beach for her next trip away.
Andy brings over 15 years experience specialising in caravan repairs and fit outs, and is also a carpenter and joiner by trade.

So where's his favourite place to camp? "I'm keen to go back to Darwin - it's so laid back and awesome. With the possibilities of free camping, solar and batteries, I would just drive and see where I end up. I also like chilli and my favourite colour is blue"
Lu has been a part of the team almost since our inception and is a super star all rounder looking after accounts payable, licensing and admin. She’s super experienced in all things caravans with over 10 years’ in the industry.

When asked about her favourite thing about her job, she said “the people, and seeing the progression of how far we have come.”

In her spare time Lu enjoys camping in their hybrid caravan, with a mix of caravan parks and off grid camping. Her best caravanning tip is, if you don’t use it on a trip, then throw it away! Everything needs to have three uses to make it into the van.

Our Community

Being active in the community has been, and always will be important to us. We value the positive relationships that we have built in the communities in which we operate, so each year, we support many local events, charities, community and sporting groups which strengthen our relationships and provides the opportunity to give back to our community.

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