About Us.


How it all started

Directors Jason and Scott had been part of the caravan industry for decades, with experience spanning across caravan repairs, builds, sales and administration.  

After much experience it was clear to see that there were few in the industry that had done anything new or different in quite some time and nearly every caravan outlet was merely going through the motions and not trying to improve on customer service, quality of work or innovations.  With a passion to succeed and dreams of becoming the industries best they set about meticulously planning the perfect caravan yard.  “If only we had our own yard what we change?”  After four months of intensive planning in January 2018 they launched a modest mobile caravan repair business with the vision of becoming Australia’s best and most renowned caravan yard within ten years.  While working multiple other jobs to put food on the table for their young families Scott and Jason worked on RV Solutions during the wee hours and weekends, often working well into the night they took on every job big and small.  Having not taken a wage in 9 months and saving every penny they managed to lease a very large factory unit which is still the biggest caravan workshop in WA, though it was pretty empty with only a four employees.  It did not take long for word to get around what they had achieved in such a short time and soon they were approached by many people looking to be part of what was already starting to look like a winning team. 

Thanks to this RV Solutions have been able to hand pick the cream of the crop when it comes to caravan repairers and builders.  The team are the industries elite and wealth of experiences that they bring is truly astonishing.  Fast forward to now, and RV Solutions is WA’s largest caravan repairer, the centre of vintage caravan and food truck building in Australia and a dealer for no less than two industry leading brands of caravan.  There is plenty more to come from the lads as they plan continue upping the standard of the industry.


The Caravan and RV Specialists

Scott has been on the caravan industry since 1997. Starting out a store junior and working though every department of the caravan industry. His strengths are in team management, QA procedures and idea generation.
Jason has been in the industry 11 plus years and is a spray painter by trade. His strengths are definitely in attention to detail, QA procedures, team management, and efficiencies.

We also host Australia’s largest pool of experience with over 200 years of combined experience in the industry. If we don’t know how to fix it nobody does.