A classic Western Australian icon rebuilt, revitalised and reimagined.


If you have the dream we can build it!

Have you ever dreamed of owning a genuine piece of WA history? A retro caravan for your family travels? A vintage food van for making the business you’ve always wanted to start? Well that’s where we come in. We take worn out, derelict near death caravans from farms, back yards, barns and the scrap yard and we up cycle to save them from being wasted.

There is some great compiled history behind the brand and it is as authentic as a story gets.  The framing of the Baravan is also one of the very few that are made of steel and not aluminium or wood.  This means they are not only likely to still be usable but much more sturdy for modifications.  Big servery windows etc are not really capable in aluminium framed vans.  We use new all new trims and mouldings inside and out but keeping in with the original style.  At the end of the process you are left with a solid, reliable caravan that is worth investing in and will last you a lifetime.

The Process
Strip them right back to bare frame and chassis. From there we repair every inch of steel for structural integrity and make the modifications to suit the new owners. We then lay new flooring and run wiring. Followed by line internally in your chosen material and colours. We then create an internal layout which is fully insulated the walls and line the external body in your choice of 120 colours. Finally, any options you have chosen from our options list.
The Build
We use a classic box style construction that utilises 50mm thick insulated walls, blue steel chassis and top shelf components throughout. Everything is built inhouse and we do not accept cheap imitations of quality products. For the most part and where possible we use Australian products. The build and design are made to out last your competition and likely still be going many, many years into the future. This means that the resale on our products is ridiculously high.
The Finishes
A fully licensed food truck or a recreational caravan for creating memories that others dream of, all while being a genuine vintage article. How cool? Ice cold! The finish is absolutely stunning and the best part is you get to have as much input into the process as you like. We are a professional team with experience in building dreams. Average price for finished project is $30-$50k depending on how nuts you want to go with options and designs.


We spend the time with you to get this stage right. We will carefully dissect the information you give us to establish a thorough idea of your needs. From here we make a plan of attack, timeline and budget.


Once we know exactly what you want to build we create a design that meets and exceeds all of your expectations. Practicality, functionality, aesthetics and safety are all top ranking priorities. Jaw dropping design everytime.


Our standard of finish and design ideas are what sets us apart from the rest. There is nothing quite like what we can achieve available anywhere. We don’t just want you to be happy, we want you to be ecstatic.


Made to order and specialised for efficiency.