Food Truck

Built full of features and designed to withstand the hard nature of a kitchen.

Food Trucks For sale perth

If you have the dream we can build it!

If you have always believed you can make it on your own and are ready to start being the man rather than working for him then let us help you create a smooth flowing and functioning food truck.  

There are many regulations that govern the food truck operation in Australia. They include gas and electrical certification as well as shire approval for your chosen area of operation. We make sure our builds comply with the strictest requirements and will work with the authorities in your chosen area to make sure your food truck exceeds any expectation. There is always some red tape involved in the process but we are here to help cut through that and make everything as easy as possible.
The Build
We use a classic box style construction that utilises 50mm thick insulated walls, blue steel chassis and top shelf components throughout. Everything is built inhouse and we do not accept cheap imitations of quality products. For the most part and where possible we use Australian products. The build and design are made to out last your competition and likely still be going many, many years into the future. This means that the resale on our products is ridiculously high.
The Fitout
When it comes down to the nitty gritty of components, we are very flexible and able to source all of the appliances for you as a turn key package. Alternatively, if you are very particular about the exact products you wish to use, we are happy for you to supply them to us and we will install them. It's as simple as ordering your own and shipping direct to our factory.


We spend the time with you to get this stage right. We will carefully dissect the information you give us to establish a thorough idea of your needs. From here we make a plan of attack, timeline and budget.


Once we know exactly what you want to build we create a design that meets and exceeds all of your expectations. Practicality, functionality, aesthetics and safety are all top ranking priorities. Jaw dropping design everytime.


Our standard of finish and design ideas are what sets us apart from the rest. There is nothing quite like what we can achieve available anywhere. We don’t just want you to be happy, we want you to be ecstatic.


Made to order and specialised for efficiency.