Toastavan Caravan

The OG of classic caravan design with contemporary fit out.


A reincarnation of the Post WW2 classic Carapark Caravans.

This brand was so popular back in the day they represented 50% of the market. One in every two caravans on the road was a Carapark and due to their shiny metallic appearance and Sunbeam like shape they were affectionately nick named Toasters.  We have taken this amazing piece of Australia history and breathed new life into classic Australian manufacturing. Toastavans are purpose built to suit our lifestyle, roads and attitudes.  No frills, no fuss just quality workmanship that gets the job done.

Old Dog, New Tricks
Although we have based our brand on 1950’s Aussie icon we reckon we have learnt a thing or two in the last 70 + years about how to build things. Our ceiling height and width has increased allowing for more useable space inside. Our wiring and gas installations are to suit current days specs and many other improvements.
The Build
These vans are built using full steel construction. All Z pearling and rectangle hollow section. Then clad in locally sourced aluminium skin with aeronautical style riveting. This was so effective that we are still seeing vans from the early 1940’s rocking around in great condition. We have taken these original hand built designs and improved them using modern materials. Our chassis are all blue steel and new style Z pearlings are all galvanized. We build our vans to have a 100 year life span which makes for some epic resale value.
The Finishes
The finish of our vans is very yesteryear with neo vintage touches throughout. We can create a retro paradise or do full blown modern interiors in whatever style suits your taste. Exterior colours are endless though the standard finish is the classic aluminium look which is a style unto itself. The sky really is the limit with your creation.


We spend the time with you to get this stage right. We will carefully dissect the information you give us to establish a thorough idea of your needs. From here we make a plan of attack, timeline and budget.


Once we know exactly what you want to build we create a design that meets and exceeds all of your expectations. Practicality, functionality, aesthetics and safety are all top ranking priorities. Jaw dropping design everytime.


Our standard of finish and design ideas are what sets us apart from the rest. There is nothing quite like what we can achieve available anywhere. We don’t just want you to be happy, we want you to be ecstatic.


Made to order and specialised for efficiency.


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