10 Best Caravan Parks in WA – Must-visit places this summer!

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Western Australia is the perfect holiday destination for caravanners. Alongside jaw-dropping nature and beautiful waters, Australia’s largest state is home to some fantastic caravan parks. Whether considering how to use the school holidays or planning an itinerary along the gorgeous WA ocean roadside, you’ve come to the right place! This article will introduce you to some of the best caravan parks Perth and the rest of Western Australia has to offer.

Great Caravan Parks near Perth

Western Australia’s capital has a range of fantastic accommodation options, with loads of camping sites ideally placed to give you access to Perth’s unmatched facilities and pristine beaches.

Discovery Parks Swan Valley

One of the best caravan parks Perth has to offer is Discovery Parks Swan Valley, situated in a prime location only 25 minutes away from Perth. It’s the perfect spot for foodies because you’re within walking distance from Perth’s incredible ‘Food and Wine Trail’. It also has superb amenities for families, including a great BBQ and playground.

The Swan Valley has wineries for incredible romantic lunches and mini-golf courses for families.

If you are looking for something a little more, why not pop over to Caversham Wildlife Park and have a cuddle with a cute koala? Or go to the Motor Museum of Western Australia and have a look through one of the largest collections of model & privately owned cars in Australia.

BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks

There’s also BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks, located in the gorgeous oceanside town of Busselton near Perth. Offering cabins alongside van sites, this caravan park has unbeatable fun for people of all ages. Sit by the pool with a nice cup of tea or a cold beer, knowing that your little ones are having a blast on their giant jumping pillow or adventure playground.

Explore the Busselton jetty and grab some fish and chips by the ocean, or head into town and visit the museum and Heritage Butter Factory. This small town does have the best of both worlds; beautiful beach scenes and exciting attractions.

While in Busselton, make sure to book in for the high ropes and zipline adventure, it sure will get your adrenaline pumping!

Karrinyup Waters Resort

This caravan park is at the heart of Perth, the perfect location for the camper who is keen to experience all that the city has to offer. This is a paradise for families with little kids. The park has three playgrounds, three pools and two fun jumping pillows. You cannot go wrong!

While staying here, make sure to take advantage of the epic waves over on Trigg beach! If you are a surfer, or simply enjoy a good wave, this is the WA beach for you.

Once you’re done exploring the beaches, head over to the city centre and visit the wonderful Museum Boola Bardip. The museum is constantly updating its historical exhibitions, making it a new adventure every time you visit.

Where to stay in South-West WA

In our opinion, the South-West offers some of the best beaches in the world, incredible forests, stunning caves and fascinating Indigenous heritage.

Hamelin Bay Holiday Park

We love Hamelin Bay Holiday Park, which is in a central location next to the world-famous ‘Hamelin Bay’. WA has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, but none quite as stunning as this.

The park offers powered sites with ocean views and organises activities like diving and boating that’ll be fun for the whole family. Make sure not to miss these water-based activities, during the summer you’re sure to see some unique, stingray friends along the way!

Hamelin Bay is the perfect location for those looking to turn off electronics and sit by the calm ocean, enjoying a gentle breeze.

Taunton Farm Holiday Park

If you’re looking for a mixture of relaxation and activity, this is your dream location. Right near WA’s gorgeous wine region, Taunton Farm Holiday Park allows you to get to the incredible wineries and lunch spots in no time, or stick around and spend time around their amazing animals.

Only 10 minutes from the town of Margaret River where you can enjoy some light shopping, and delicious food ranging from authentic Italian food to cheeky Dominos. But with facilities such as rental go-karts, daily animal feedings, and outdoor movies in the summer, why would you ever want to leave Taunton?

Big Valley Margaret River

When heading off to Margaret River there are a few unique, experience-based locations you can choose from. Big Valley Margret River is another one of these amazing parks. Here, you will find a working sheep farm where you and your family can feed their adorable lambs!

Another great perk is the wild guinea pigs that roam around the park at all times. If you wish to bring your dogs here, please remember that there are designated dog walking areas and areas where they are allowed off the leash.

Peaceful Bay Caravan Park

If relaxation is your top priority, we recommend Peaceful Bay Caravan Park.

This secluded spot is the perfect place for letting off steam on the WA coast and offers access to a fantastic beach and live music. If fishing is right up your alley, this is the spot for you! This region offers the best of beach fishing and rock fishing.

Peaceful Bay is also perfect for the keen offroader. The amazing inlet and dense white sand make for the perfect area for a spot of beach driving, and there are plenty of tracks about.

Those extras are why we think Peaceful Bay Caravan Park is one of the best holiday parks in Western Australia.

The Best Caravan Sites in Northern WA

Northern WA is a beautiful region with lots to offer nature lovers and families looking to get out of the city.

Lake Argyle Caravan and Camping Park

One of our favourites from the wide range on offer is Lake Argyle Caravan and Camping Park, with easy access to Lake Argyle and incredible walking trails around it. This gorgeous site also has incredible hills to the west that make for some stunning scenery.

At the caravan park, you will find a great restaurant as well as a shop with some basic supplies.

This area is heaven for those who love to take some time away from the noises and activities in cities and want some time to rewind. If you love bird watching, make sure to bring your cameras and binoculars as this site is blessed with some amazing birds.

This one’s pretty popular, so book in advance if you want to stay during peak periods.

RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park

If you’re looking for a nature getaway, there’s also RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park, featuring cabins and powered sites right next to the natural wonders of this UNESCO-protected site.

You’re only a kilometre away from the sleepy town centre, and a short walk away from a gorgeous beach. Snorkelling, swimming, or simply laying on the white sand is at your doorstep. You can even hire snorkels from the reception area for a day full of water fun!

Exmouth is a fantastic hub for exploring this stunning region. Be sure to check out Shark Bay, Denham and everything in between.

Jurien Bay Tourist Park

Jurien Bay Tourist Park is another strong choice. Directly on the coast, this park is an ideal choice for families during the school holidays. With activities, free wifi and friendly staff, Jurien Bay’s pet-friendly park is sure to be a fantastic time.

The ocean is crystal clear and ready for diving, swimming and kayaking. This is another one for bird lovers with over 122 species of birds found in the park.

Only a short drive away from the famous Pinnacles, you can tick a huge one off the bucket list and take some stunning nature photos.

Caravan sites in Regional WA

If you want to get into the outback, Western Australia is the place for you!

Wave Rock Caravan Park

Wave Rock Caravan Park is one of the best caravan sites in regional WA. This premium destination is close to ‘Wave Rock’, an unmissable natural feature you won’t forget. Wave Rock Caravan Park combines this natural appeal with fantastic facilities, making sure you leave smiling.

When staying here make sure you wake up early and head over to Lake Magic and watch it change colour, right before your eyes—just like magic. Or stay up until sunset and set up your camera to get some shots of the stunning orange skies.

Get immersed into the Indigenous culture with one of the great tours you can take to learn more about the owners and custodians of these lands. Learn about the incredible art and the legend of Mulka.

BIG4 Emu Beach Holiday Park

You could also consider BIG4 Emu Beach Holiday Park, a beachside destination with free wifi, a games room and a waterpark! Get in touch with their friendly staff if you want to visit the beach town of Albany.

Albany is the perfect WA escape. Hiking through the scenic Bald Head trail, or eating a feast at Three Anchors, overlooking the ocean this is the perfect place for people looking for it all. Relaxation at Emu Point, or renting a bike and biking through the town, you’ll find everything and more in Albany.

If you are looking to learn a little about WA’s history, drive up to the National ANZAC Centre. Or head over to the old Historic Whaling Station, there you will find stories of people who worked there and the equipment they were taught to use.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to stop by The Gap and Natural Bridge, for stunning views and an opportunity of a lifetime!

Let’s get this show on the road!

What’re you waiting for? We hope you find this guide to some of WA’s best spots useful in seeing more of this incredible state. If you find yourself thoroughly inspired but in need of a caravan or Patriot Camper trailer of your own, why not come by our headquarters in Rockingham, WA? At RV Solutions we’re absolute outdoor fanatics, specialising in caravan sales perth and fit-out of offroad and off-grid caravans & campers (we’re more than up to the task of looking after your touring van as well, and stock a few of those too). If you want to see the great outdoors or travel the outback with ultimate faith in your van, come and see us today.

Did something get in the way of your next caravan trip? We can help ensure your next holiday goes smoothly. At RV Solutions we offer the full range of caravan servicing and repair services, including insurance work. With over 200 combined years of experience in the caravan and recreational vehicle space, we’re proud of our attention to detail and quality of service. Call today to find out more and start your next outdoor adventure!

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