Additional features to make your journey more memorable.

If it is in a caravan, chances are we have it.  If we don’t have it we will get it! We have everything you need to be completely self sufficient from grey water tanks to lithium batteries and solar panels.

Check out our retail store for a wide range of spare parts and caravan accessories, as well as camping accessories to make your next trip a breeze. We have plenty of stock to ensure our workshop flows smoothly, but if you’re after something we don’t stock, we’re always happy to source it for you. 


Modifications & Popular Upgrades

Solar Power

Free camping is a popular choice for those with an adventurous spirit. With a little bit of solar power you can run off grid for as little or as long as you like. You can run lights, TV, fridges and the basics off a small system which are a low cost, or we can custom design a larger system that will power every appliance in your van including AC, microwave and all of your power outlets. We have even done systems that power a desalination plant so you can create your own fresh drinking water while beach camping. How off grid can you go?

Air Conditioning

When travelling you’re going to be spending a fair bit of time inside your caravan, so you want to be as comfortable as possible. Summer in WA can be scorching! So it’s worthwhile investing in a good quality air conditioner to keep you cool. Our recommended air conditioning systems offer lightweight and quiet options, plus a remote so you don’t need to get up at night!

Dust Reduction System (DRS)

DRS systems reduce the amount of dust particles that enter your van, particularly handy when it comes to those pesky corrugations! Our trust falls under two brands - Dometic and Carafan – who operate by a forced air or 12V powered set up respectively.

Sirocco Fans

Sirocco fans are a popular upgrade due to being ultra quiet with a low power draw. Their unique 360 degree power draw allows for directional air flow with 12 and 24 volt power options, and are hard wired into your caravan. For optimum comfort, we can install double Sirrocco fans for the main bed, as well as a fan within each bunk.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium Lab (Australia’s Lithium Authority) have now managed to bring the prices of the far superior lithium batteries down to affordable levels. A lithium battery can output nearly three times the amount of power for the same physical size battery. They also weigh about 60% less than a standard AGM battery while outputting 30% more power. Any weight you can save will make a substantial difference for what you can carry in your van! Did we mention that the typical lifespan of our lithium batteries are 15 years?

Dexter Sway Control

Gusty winds, airflow from a passed road train or a sudden swerve can possibly result in losing control of both the tow vehicle and your caravan. Dexter Sway Control gives you piece of mind with an automatic stabiliser, working independently from your tow vehicle. As a Certified Installer, we’re trained to ensure your system meets best practice standards, keeping you in control and guaranteeing safety.

Water Tanks

A fully installed grey water tank set up is a very popular upgrade for those planning a self sufficient set up or heading off grid. A grey water tank gives you the ability to stay in self contained grounds like national parks and use your van easily on the side of the road.

Navigator range

With your caravan all set up and ready to roll, you can’t go past the Navigator range of products to make camping a breeze. We stock everything from camping chairs, to laundry hampers and rubbish bins, to accessories for your furry friend too. Designed specifically for campers, each product is aimed to enhance your caravanning experience while maximising space and weight.

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