WA’s Best Places To Go Caravanning!

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The thing about a caravan is that you can take your comfy bed that’s not too hard and not too soft, somewhere to sit, air-con and a tv—even the kitchen sink—and park it somewhere absolutely remote with not another soul in sight.

These delightful comforts without compromising our ability to experience and enjoy the magic places this country has to explore, is why caravans are so special.

But where to go? Sometimes, with so many incredible places to see—both off the beaten track and on it—it’s hard to know where to start. Maybe you’ve seen it all, and need a little inspiration?

Whatever your reason, we’ve been all over this fantastic state and camped at some stunning spots, so here are some of our favourite destinations around Western Australia to go on a caravan holiday!

If you’re yet to find the perfect caravan for all your adventures, drop by our caravan sales Perth to see how we can help.


If you really want to get away, and take to nature in all of its beauty, look no further than Dwellingup. Not quite two hours from Perth, and boasting some incredibly relaxing accommodation options and caravan parks, this is a favoured location for a getaway with or without the kids. With soaring forests, exceptional hiking trails to follow to your heart’s content, and a slew of picturesque national parks – this is a place for the avid explorer. Take the caravan, plenty of coffee and your hiking boots for that cosy adventure in the woods.

Where to stay: The Dwellingup Chalet and Caravan Park

This stunning caravan park is nestled amongst the great trees the area is so well known for. It’s a refreshing dose of nature with great amenities and easy walking distance to the pub and town. Perfect for a weekend getaway, or even an overnighter to refresh and reset.



With its stunning ocean views, this coastal haven has so much to offer. Need we say any more? Follow the scenic road to find sites like Pink Lake, the perfect backdrop for a feast pre-prepared in your always-with-you kitchen. With plenty of caravan sites, it’s one of the best places if you’ve got the kids. Consider checking out the Recherche Archipelago islands to spot the sea lions and fur seals in their natural habitat. Esperance will provide you with an adventure, seemingly only ever a short walk from camp.

Where to stay?

Esperance has a great selection of fantastic caravan parks, many of them right on the water. Any of them would be a great choice, and won’t require any sort of off road capabilities.

West Cape Howe National Park

Featuring the most southerly point in Western Australia, Torbay Head, the West Cape Howe National Park is an amazing location if you’re angling for a weekend getaway with ocean views. Just a 35-minute drive from Albany, this park will provide one of the best spots for fishing and bushwalking over at Shelley Beach, and you can even take on some more adventurous activities here like hang-gliding.

Where to stay: Cosy Corner Campground

A great spot that won’t require serious 4×4 capabilities, but is a dirt road in, this campground is free for up to 7 days and has incredible ocean views. However, being a free site it can get particularly busy during peak periods and advance bookings are not available. Alternatives are around for the adventurous, or for a more guaranteed spot consider staying in nearby Albany or Denmark.


A trip to Karijini involves travelling to one of the most remote locations in the world. A best-kept secret of the Outback, in the heart of the Pilbara region, Karijini is fit for any explorer. Take a bush-walk through the Dales and then cool off in the beautiful waters of Weano Gorge or the idyllic Fern Pool. Even try your hand at glamping in the Karijini Eco Retreat and experience the incredible sunsets over the vast red plains and iron-filled hills.

Where to stay: Karijini Eco Retreat

It’s the only place to stay anywhere close to Karijini, but we’re not complaining! The Karijini Eco Retreat is a world class destination with great facilities—especially considering the environmentally friendly, low impact operation. As the location is inside the national park, you’ll need to buy entry passes. Best to check out their website for all the details.


Geraldton & Coronation Beach

Not the obvious choice, but Geraldton is a great pick for your next caravan trip. It’s an RV friendly city for easy access to all the fun. There are an array of accommodation options for keen caravaners and campers alike and you can enjoy your stay at any time throughout the year, with plenty of activities to keep you busy. In particular, Mullewa, which is located east of Geraldton, transforms in the winter months into a full bloom of native flowers, attracting birds and other wildlife along with it.

If you’re into wind sports, check out the world famous Coronation Beach. It’s a kitesurf and windsurf mecca that attracts pilgrims from all over the world to this remote, windy beach. If you’re keen to stay there though, be sure to get in early. The spots fill up quickly, but there’s always room on the water for the avid waterperson.

Insider’s tip:

If you head to Coronation Beach campsite but find it full, Goodie’s Eco Camp is only 10 minutes away and they reckon they’ll never run out of space. With hot showers, a communal kitchen and picturesque serenity, we’d certainly recommend it.

Shark Bay/Monkey Mia

The main attraction for Monkey Mia is the shore-visiting bottlenose dolphins, and opportunities to see turtles, rays, and sharks – it is the ocean lovers’ dream! Shark Bay is also home to dugongs and the colonies of stromatolites. Unique experiences are to be had here, and what better way to get up close than in a caravan or RV, with plenty of accommodation options to suit your needs. There is so much to be discovered here.

Where to stay: Denham Seaside Caravan Park

There’s a lot to see and do in Shark Bay, so dropping the van off at a caravan park in town is a pretty good idea. We recommend Denham Seaside Caravan park for fantastic facilities, affordable pricing and a great location. Sealed roads the whole way in, you won’t need a van with 4×4 capabilities, but having a 4WD to go exploring while you’re there is definitely something we’d recommend.

Book here: https://sharkbay.com.au/

Ningaloo Beach

As a World Heritage Site, the northwest coastal region of Western Australia is home to the Ningaloo coral reef. Ningaloo offers its visitors and adventurers the unique opportunity to swim with whale sharks. Not just for the freshwater, marine fly-fishing is a sport of the Ningaloo Reef too. If the water is not your thing, try a stay in the national park and enjoy gorge hiking to spot some of the elusive rock wallabies that call it home.

The vast beaches up Ningaloo way are some of our favourites. In truth, the spot is one that’s close to our hearts – we go there every year! It’s a destination that’s always in mind when we’re building, selling or repairing caravans. We love to offer caravans capable of extended stays off grid in some of the world’s most remote country, living it up in absolute luxury.

Where to stay: Winderabandi Point, Ningaloo Station

A remote beach, and one of our favourite places in the world. Winderabandi Point can be a little challenging to access, given the unsealed road, soft sand and variable conditions. You’ll definitely need a competent 4×4, and should also ensure your caravan has suitable offroad suspension and off-grid capabilities, as there’s no water or facilities available—you must have a functioning chemical toilet to meet regulations.

If you’re unsure whether your van or vehicle are suitable for the trip, drop in during our opening hours and we’d be happy to check your set up over for you.

More information available on the official Explore Parks website, here;


Jurien Bay

Follow the wildflower trails of the Coral Coast and experience Western Australia’s native fauna in full effect. Immerse yourself into the Indigenous culture by driving the Yamaji Drive Trail, and exploring through the eyes of a local tour guide. Jurien Bay also offers some great coffee spots within its town, as well as a host of fantastic accommodation options to park up and hit the best places.

Warren River, Pemberton

Fancy something secluded? Look no further than The Warren River. This is a piece of paradise, set in Western Australian bushland. Stay shaded by the trees as you travel the calm waters of the river in a canoe. Set up your camp and kitchen and enjoy a riverside picnic.

The Margaret River Region

Last, but certainly not least on the list is Margaret River. Sometimes the best holiday away is one of full relaxation – and where better than Margaret River? Surrounded by craft breweries, wineries, and artisan vineyards, there’s no better gourmet experience in Western Australia. Experience adventure underground with crystal caves, underground lakes, and fauna fossils to be discovered.

Where to stay: RAC Margaret River Nature Park

Right in the heart of the Margaret River Region, barely a stone’s throw from Margaret River townsite itself, is the beautiful Margaret River Nature Park. Tucked away between the tall trees of the Wooditjup National Park, it’s an incredible, eco-friendly escape that’s perfect for the whole family.


So there you have it; our list of some of the best places to visit in your caravan, whether it’s a short break, or something longer – whatever the occasion, there is plenty to see, do and discover on the roads of Western Australia.

If your feet are itching and you’re already planning your next getaway, drop in and see us for a caravan service. We’re experts, and know how to spot an issue before it becomes a drama, or just ensure your caravan is perfectly prepared for anything. We’ve also got a great range of caravans for sale, and can undertake an array of upgrades to improve your caravan!

Check out our socials to find out more on recent builds and to keep up to date with us.

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