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Finding the right caravan is the difference between the trip of a lifetime and a disaster you wish you could forget. Make memories, enjoy the great outdoors and see this beautiful country in the comfort of your perfect caravan.

Let us help you find the perfect new caravan for the trip of a lifetime.
The Wonderland is arguably Australia’s top caravan brand that delivers a premium finish with robust build quality. Manufactured using their own jigsaw wall construction method with structural grade ply and radial corners, they have established a top-quality caravan that provides superior strength and flexibility. Choose from over 40 floor plans, and completely customise your van with the latest and greatest features, to experience our harsh outback in full luxury.
ProRV Caravans are another Australian brand that deliver huge bang for buck. Construction methods follow the proven classical design of a strong steel chassis and a variety of sub frame options (including timber meranti or aluminium frame options), offering lightweight and high strength compatibility. Customisable with a multitude of various options and finishes, ProRV have the flexibility to tick all requirements when purchasing a new caravan, without the hefty price tag that can often come with the territory. We pride ourselves in the ability to guide you through the process and ensure you get the most out of your RV.
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New Caravans that are up to the challenge.

Australia’s a tough country, there’s no doubt about it. Getting to the best places is often tricky, and hard on equipment. From corrugated roads to soft beaches, baking sun and heavy storms, there’s no place for second-rate caravans.

You need a rig that’ll take it all like a champ and just keep on trucking. A slice of home and comfort in the great outdoors that’s ready when you need it. At RV Solutions, we’re mad campers and we’ve put more than a few caravans to the test, dragging them to remote locations along rough roads and soft sand.

We only offer a select range of caravans, because we only stock caravans for sale that we’d trust and rely on ourselves. Caravans that’ll go there and back again without a drama, and open up new possibilities for incredible escapes, without leaving you stranded.

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New Caravans for sale

Spoilt for choice with caravan layouts to suit every style.

Clever layouts and caravans that are optioned right can make a good trip absolutely amazing. All the new caravans for sale we stock have been carefully designed to make travelling and camping as enjoyable as possible, with clever storage options and thoughtful sleeping arrangements. Choose the lounge layout that suits your family, and your style; from club lounges and dinettes to L-shapes that fit just right.

It’s the little things that make a big difference, like doors that open the right direction, tables that swing out of the way, and concertina bathroom doors to really get the most out of the space. Your caravan needs to suit you, and your family, for the things you want to do with it. A small, lightweight caravan built for an adventurous couple spending weeks at a time off grid just isn’t going to work for a family of 5.

Custom caravans

Unlimited Choices & Endless Customisation

We offer fully customisable caravans from our leading brands, to suit the more budget conscious traveller or up to the top spec with all the bells and whistles. Whether you’re a couple exploring the country by road, looking for a simple caravan with modest amenities or a family tackling the Gibb River Road with the whole tribe in tow, you’ll find the new caravan you’re looking for at RV Solutions!

For hardcore offroad rigs to quiet on road tourers, we’ve seen and done it all, and can offer you custom solutions, advice and recommendations to tackle that dream adventure. You might also find that with a little bit of tweaking, a few solid additions or a minor makeover—your current caravan can be transformed into exactly what you’ve always wanted. 

For more, check out our custom caravan services.

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Advice & Recommendations

If you’re not sure exactly what caravan you want or need, we’re more than happy to help you out. Drop by, and tell us exactly what you want to do and how you want to do it, and we’ll find you the perfect adventure rig to make it all possible.

We’ll even show you how to hitch up your new caravan if you’re not feeling confident, give you a crash course on reversing and the fundamentals of weight distribution for a safe and comfortable drive.

Servicing & Repairs

Caravans need to be regularly inspected, serviced and maintained to make sure they’re up to the challenge of your next adventure. Here at RV Solutions we’ve heavily invested in our facilities, staff and skills. We offer the most comprehensive caravan repair and servicing in the industry, to keep your caravan operating at its best—which is why the preferred caravan repairer for most insurance companies!

For industry-leading servicing and repairs by one of the best teams in the business, get in touch today.

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Need finance for your new caravan?

We can help you find the best finance option.

We’ve discussed caravan financing with many different providers and are pleased to offer a competitive, bespoke financing option tailored for all budgets and requirements.

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